Population Health Programs

Actionable Insights

Better Care Guidance

Access the most comprehensive, up-to-date medication history for your at-risk patients, with actionable notifications that enable you to fill the gaps in patient data.

We empower your care management and pharmacy teams with insights that meaningfully help you improve:

  • Identification and closure of gaps in care
  • Medication adherence measures
  • Hospital readmissions

Key Data Elements Include:

  • 12-60 months of medication history data
  • Therapeutic drug classification
  • Identification of meds due for refill or pickup
  • Name of every prescriber & fulfilling pharmacy
  • Flags for opioids and other high-risk meds
  • Medication adherence calculations
  • Medication adherence prediction score
  • Social determinants of health impacting medication adherence prediction score

Data Delivery Mechanisms:

  • Secure transmission of large data sets (CSV) for import into your analytics product of choice
  • PDF & Excel reports
  • API (coming soon)