Acute Admits / ED Visits / Discharges / Transitions

Actionable Insights

Better Patient Outcomes

Providers must have access to complete patient medication histories in order to make the best clinical decisions. But they can’t be overwhelmed with data, either.

We provide real-time actionable insights and guidance for clinicians at the point of care in order to enable:

  • Better informed admissions
  • Quicker & more complete discharge instructions
  • Complete clinical histories to inform ED decisions

Key Data Sets Include:

  • Up to 5 years of medication history data
  • Therapeutic drug classification
  • Identification of meds due for refill or pickup
  • Name of every prescriber & fulfilling pharmacy
  • Flags for opioids and other high-risk meds
  • Medication adherence calculations
  • Medication adherence prediction score
  • Social determinants of health driving medication adherence prediction score

Data Delivery Mechanisms:

  • Secure web-based interface
  • PDF Report
  • API (coming soon)