Active Medication Data Drives More Effective Telehealth Services

Active Medication Data Drives More Effective Telehealth Services 750 341 HealthConnexx

One only has to read the news to know that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telehealth platforms by providers and patients. A recent survey of physician practices by CareCloud found that:

  • 11% of practices reported frequent to occasional telehealth use before COVID-19
  • 93% of practices reported frequent to occasional telehealth use during COVID-19
  • 63% of practices predict frequent to occasional telehealth use after COVID-10

The revenue growth opportunities associated with telehealth visits are just as dramatic, with just $3 billion in telehealth revenue in 2019 vs. a whopping $250 billion projected in 2020.

Though some contraction of these numbers post-COVID are anticipated, most agree the convenience factor for patients once they’ve tried a “virtual visit” will make telehealth a standard interaction for medical care.

But the shift from in-person to virtual care is more challenging than in seems; and unless done well, telehealth has the potential to shift the consumer’s perception of physician value to a commodity rather than uniquely personal. Physicians need to think about creating extraordinary telehealth experiences for their patients in order to maximize the value of the interaction, and increase customer loyalty to their practice.

The HealthConnexx RxConnexxTM DaaS platform provides physicians with real-time insight into a patient’s current medication data – sourced from the major PBM’s and retail/specialty pharmacies across the US. But HealthConnexx doesn’t stop there – the platform provides actionable insights that a physician can utilize during the telehealth visit:

  • Identify chronic conditions based on an real-time longitudinal medications list
  • Remind patients to pick up overdue critical meds from their pharmacy – improving medication adherence
  • Gain insight into potential overuse of controlled substances, like opiods
  • Ensure no contraindications with newly prescribed medications vs. active medications list
  • Consult with patient for optimal medication regimen and management of side effects

Access to these insights provides a durable competitive advantage to mitigate clinical risk and optimize telehealth outcomes. More importantly, the quality of the telehealth experience is dramatically enhanced, as patients have the confidence that their physician has access to a complete clinical snapshot of their medications.

In addition to medication history, our real time medication benefit check platform combined with fully integrated ePrescribing functionality is especially powerful for specialty practices like dermatology and behavioral health. Before prescribing a higher risk expensive medication, ensure the patient has appropriate coverage for the prescription and can afford the out-of-pocket expense.

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